Aviation relic prints are unequaled as one-of-a-kind business gifts and recognition or retirement awards for employees and clients – unlike the ordinary, everyday choices available to companies today. Our relic prints – with fabric from famous Smithsonian aircraft – will be permanent reminders of you and your company with a brass nameplate, custom-engraved with a company logo and personalized inscription. Your most unique presentation yet! And read below about how they can be used in your company TEAM MEETINGS

Most of what hangs on office walls is seen – and ignored. Relic prints get a second look and a question about “that piece of fabric?” So, if you want an unusual and eye-catching focal point in your lobby or office, consider a set of aviation relic prints.

One of our corporate customers had this to say. “Recently, a client was at our offices and asked about the relic prints in the conference room. A few weeks later, he was surprised and very impressed with our gift of one of the prints. This is an order to replace it.”

If you have customers in any of the 28 foreign countries where the Douglas World Cruiser aircraft landed on its 1924 around-the-world flight, consider gifting them with a relic print with the text translated into their language. One example would be Japan, where the World Cruiser landed 4 times – and where gift-giving is an important part of Japanese business protocol. We now have 2 of the relic prints available with Japanese translations – the historic World Cruiser and the 1911 Wright Vin Fiz.And when your company exhibits at a show, consider placing a relic print at your booth as a “Register Here To Win” gift – an aviation collectible from the Smithsonian that always attracts attention!


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We are ready to work with and assist you in creating your next presentation or team meeting. Read about these early aviators on our web pages and you will see how their stories of resolve and determination mirror the business world – where each day presents a new challenge. “Success isn’t owned, it’s leased. And rent is due every day!”  Consider one of the following as the keynote for your next team meeting.

Teamwork – The U.S. Navy crew of six aviators conquered the Atlantic in 1919 with the first-ever aerial crossing in their Curtiss NC-4 seaplane. Despite forced ocean landings in dense fog and repairing their disabled aircraft in 30 foot seas, they continued on – as a team. Teamwork is a call to success in the corporate world. Or as the Navy Seals put it: “Two is one – one is none!”

Persistence in Pursuit of a Goal Cal Rodgers, piloting the Wright Vin Fiz in 1911, was determined to be the first to fly coast-to-coast. In spite of numerous mishaps, 12 crashes and finishing the flight with casts on both legs – he succeeded! Persistence and goal-setting is required of anyone in business today.

The Challenge of Change Just as the two pilots of the Fokker T-2 proved to skeptics in 1923 that non-stop, coast-to-coast flight was indeed possible, so too is your business challenged to innovate and achieve. Challenges are the essence of achievement in the business world today.

Global Initiative Two U.S. Army Air Service pilots, flying the Douglas World Cruiser “Chicago” aircraft, conquered the world in 1924 with the very first around-the-world flight. Global commerce is not for the future – the time is now.

Enliven your next company gathering or team meeting with a presentation by an actor – or employee – dressed as one of these early aviators would have been. As featured speaker, he will recount his experiences in overcoming the challenges and unexpected difficulties during his pioneering flight – then incorporate it into your company mission and objectives for the attendees. We can help in scripting such a presentation.

These or similar theme meetings are very powerful when accompanied by the presentation of a relic print to the attendees. As a gift to customers in appreciation of their business or in recognition of an employee, we will custom-engrave a brass plaque with your company name, logo and personalized message. It will serve as a permanent reminder of you and your company. We have corporate customers that gift their clients, new and old, with a framed relic print – in appreciation of their business.

We will engrave a brass plate with your personalized message or edit the following quote: “The fabric of success is woven carefully, one thread at a time. We appreciate the part we play in your continuing success.” Directly above the plaque, engraved with your corporate logo– on the relic print you choose – is the swatch of original fabric from the aircraft!

The following is a testimonial we received from one of our corporate customers – Dow Corning – and two of the responses they received from attendees at their regional meeting:

Dow Corning Corporation – “Just a short note to thank you for getting all of the right prints to the right people on the correct day. Your team pulled it off as promised. It was also important that the executive gift selected would complement the theme of our meeting, ‘The Challenge of Change’, that it be unique, and that it have a high perceived value. The following unsolicited comments from attendees at our regional meeting may be of interest.”

  • Bearings Inc. CEO  – “Thank you for the commemorative print and fabric from the first coast-to-coast flight. It certainly will be a constant reminder of the new frontiers created by change.”
  • 3M Distributor Relations Director – “I want to thank you for the relic print. It will hang in a prominent place in my office!”

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