Bleriot XI

The 4-square inch swatch of the original fabric included with this relic print was preserved when the Smithsonian restored the Blériot before installing it in the permanent collection of the National Air and Space Museum where it can be seen today. Also included is a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Deputy-Director of the Smithsonian and 2 pages of colorful historical information on this aviation milestone along with aircraft specs. An extraordinary flight and an opportunity to own a piece of aviation history.

The following description of the Blériot XI appears on your relic print, just below the original fabric swatch.

On July 25, 1909 Louis Bleriot flew the English Channel in a frail monoplane powered by a three cylinder Anzani engine that developed only 25-30 horsepower. Over the next five years hundreds of copies of the Bleriot XI were produced, making it one of the most popular aircraft of the pre-World War I era. The Bleriot XI in the collection of the National Air and Space Museum was built in 1914. Fitted with a Gnome Sigma engine, the machine was flown by the Swiss exhibition pilot John Domenjoz in Europe and the United States.


Included with your Bleriot XI relic print is a signed Certificate of Authenticity from the National Air and Space Museum and two pages of historical documentation.